Thank you for your interest in learning more about SNAP! MD Hunger Solutions holds monthly trainings: SNAP 101 and SNAP 103. SNAP 101: Introduction to SNAP, covers basic information on the SNAP program. This training will provide knowledge on eligibility requirements for certain populations, where SNAP recipients can use their benefits, and recent data and trends in SNAP participation. SNAP 101 is open to any and all individuals seeking more information on the program.

SNAP 103: Food Resource Triage, is a training specifically for incoming MD Hunger Solutions volunteers. This training will go over how to navigate our internal outreach processes, make appointments with application assistance staff, make referrals to other organizations, and how to find accurate information on local resources for callers throughout Maryland. If you are not seeking to volunteer with MD Hunger Solutions, you do not need to attend SNAP 103.

Additionally, MD Hunger Solutions provides training on how to navigate the myDHR website to submit SNAP applications online (SNAP 102). This training should only be attended by those that have completed SNAP 101. These are not regularly scheduled and you must contact JD Robinson ( or Jenny Torres ( to schedule a training.

Individuals and organizations can sign up to attend SNAP 101 and SNAP 103 using the following link: SNAP Training Sign-Up. If you are unable to attend any of the times listed in the sign-up sheet, contact JD Robinson or Jenny Torres of the SNAP Outreach Team to schedule a different time.