Maryland Hunger Profiles

The Maryland Hunger Profiles provide accurate, local data on nutrition program participation in each of Maryland’s 24 counties. Over 600,000 Marylanders, or more than 1 in 10 households, live in poverty and struggle against hunger. We hope this information will help inform ongoing community and policy conversations about how we can ensure that everyone in Maryland is able to have sufficient nutrition and the opportunity to thrive.

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Missed Opportunities: An Analysis of SNAP Participation by County

New research shows that many Marylanders who are eligible for SNAP are not participating in the program. The number of eligible people not participating in SNAP by county ranges from 25 percent in Baltimore City to over 60 percent in Montgomery County.

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School Breakfast Critical to Addressing Childhood Hunger in Maryland, Yet Too Many Missing Out, Report Finds

The Maryland School Breakfast Report: School Year 2019-2020 finds that 62.1 low- income students ate school breakfast for every 100 who ate school lunch in Maryland in the 2019–2020 school year. The report measures the state’s progress in reaching low-income students with school breakfast to ensure they start the day ready to learn. While the state has made great strides in expanding school breakfast participation, there is more work to do.

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